Heat treatments on glass can be varied. Vetrotec has complete furnaces for tempering, bending and fusing glass.

In terms of resistance and safety, Vetrotec produces tempered glass in different shapes, sizes and colours (certified according to UNI EN 12150-1). Exposure of the glass at a temperature of 700°C in the oven and its sudden cooling, by jets of cold air, causes a surface hardening, creating controlled tensions.

The company also performs bending operations, heating sheets of glass to softening temperature (around 650°C), shaping it in specific moulds and then letting it cool slowly, so that the glass is perfectly detensioned.

Lastly, Vetrotec’s fusing plants allow working every kind of glass, creating very textured surface effects.

Technologies applied to glass for a unique design

Every single detail is made with cutting-edge technology developed internally to bring out and enhance every nuance of the product design.