Vetrotec carries out special processing using CNC machines for cutting, grinding, drilling and engraving glass.

The range of automatic cutting benches is intended for cutting flat and laminated glass and ceramic. In this phase, large sheets of glass, sorted by type and thickness, are handled automatically and then subjected to an optimised numerically controlled cutting system using diamond micro-tools. In addition to this, our company also has a water-jet cutting system. This technology allows shapes and contours to be outlined that would otherwise be impossible with diamond cutting.

After cutting, the irregular and sharp edges of the glass sheet are ground and polished with a series of diamond tools (grinding wheels).

Single and double side edge grinding, bevelling and CNC machines, specially designed to meet the high quality standards required, are only some of the equipment used for this purpose.

Vetrotec has also all the necessary machinery to deal with the drilling of flat glass sheets thanks to the use of CNC drill, or semi-automatic machines in the case of curved glass, such as washbasins for example.

Technologies applied to glass for a unique design

Every single detail is made with cutting-edge technology developed internally to bring out and enhance every nuance of the product design.