The infinite possibilities of glass design

Vetrotec is engaged in the design and production of furnishing accessories and interior design solutions in glass and other materials.

From living rooms to offices, from bathroom furniture to kitchens, from walls to floors: discover what can be achieved with the transparent strength of glass.

Furnishing accessories and table tops

Vetrotec has developed in-house all kinds of glass processing and decoration techniques to create furnishing accessories of extraordinary quality and unique design – whether coffee tables, shelves, mirrors – and table tops with a strong aesthetic impact, according to the exclusive requirements of its customers.

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Bathroom furniture

Glass for bathroom furniture is one of the most sought-after materials, capable of giving lightness and modernity to the environment. Vetrotec is able to produce on commission curved glass washbasins and Walk In model open shower cubicles with a minimal and elegant style.

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Walls, doors and floors

Vetrotec also supports its customers in the design and production of walls, doors and floors. Glass partition walls combine functionality and aesthetics, guaranteeing brightness and acoustic insulation, while giving the feeling of an open environment. Sliding glass doors, which can be customized according to the desired style, offer a fascinating balance between transparency and privacy in office spaces or at home.

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