Discover our natural inclination for your brightest ideas

Glass is a fascinating material, the closest one to what dreams are made of.
It is bright like an intuition, concrete like a vision, malleable and boundless like ingenuity.

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The infinite possibilities of glass design

Vetrotec is engaged in the design and production of furnishing accessories and interior design solutions in glass and other materials.

From living rooms to offices, from bathroom furniture to kitchens, from walls to floors: discover what can be achieved with the transparent strength of glass.


A unique reality for glass processing

Vetrotec, an Italian company founded in 1989, combines the craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise of Italian design with an ongoing commitment to researching the latest technologies and developing customized services.

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Quality 100 % Made in Italy

Vetrotec’s certified quality lies in the prompt response of an entirely Italian production chain, in the reliability of each process, from design to the choice of materials to assembly.

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