About us

A unique reality for glass processing

Vetrotec, an Italian company founded in 1989, combines the craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise of Italian design with an ongoing commitment to researching the latest technologies and developing customized services.

Technology for our customers

Vetrotec is able to offer its customers a customised path that starts from the initial idea to design, with the support of its R&D team. Each step is supervised thanks to the in-depth knowledge of glass processing procedures.

The machines and control systems used are technologically advanced and often designed, manufactured, patented and perfected by Vetrotec through in-house resources and experimentation process.

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A shared goal

The expertise of more than 100 operators specialised in glass processing allows Vetrotec to work in an agile, close-knit and flexible manner towards a single shared goal: shaping materials to give life to customers’ ideas.


A certified company

Vetrotec has always aimed to satisfy and anticipate the expectations of its customers. The company guarantees the quality of its workmanship through efficient verification phases and constant monitoring of its performance. The certifications obtained over the years demonstrate the company’s commitment and responsibility to continue to improve its processes to meet new challenges and needs.

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