It is a large entrepreneurial company completely dedicated to the process of glass working: we are active partners with each of our customers, personally having a part in the commercial success of their products.
We have always strived for excellence.

A very linear logic

Specialist in the processing of flat glass, Vetrotec is at the centre of a new corporate philosophy that seeks to overcome the limits of classic production in the sector, evolving into a company that is entirely dedicated to the art of glass and more.
From this overall vision also came the concept of maximum closeness to every client: a surplus of availability and consultancy that we devote to each designer or architect along the entire path of realisation, from the idea to the glass. With the expertise of an entire group at their disposal.
Words that today you can put to the test personally with the YouProject service, our initiative that invites you to verify the achievement of your most challenging projects (even those considered impossible), leaving to us the burden of their engineering.
Why not be partners instead of just customers?

Vetrotec, thermal treatments of the glass

A specialisation that starts from the sheets that are cut and shaped in the widest variety of silhouettes, then completed with the study of ad hoc moulds and expresses all of its art in the modelling of the vitreous material into extraordinary objects.

It is the magic of heat: proof that every project here can be made in a workmanlike manner. Because, even if not all glass can bend exactly to our desire, it still can be treated and processed to obtain the maximum result.

With technologies that we have developed internally, and of which we are particularly secretive about, Vetrotec accepts the challenges of the designers with the enthusiasm of those who have been masters in this profession for over twenty years.
Let your ideas take shape.

Vetrotec, the art of glass working