SICAM 2017

SICAM 2017

  • Vetrotec produzione vetro, stand Sicam di Pordenone
  • Vetrotec, curvatura, decorazioni, arredamento in vetro
  • Arredamento in vetro, Vetrotec azienda per complementi d'arredo in vetro
  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec lavorazioni in vetro
  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec lavorazioni in vetro
  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec azienda lavorazione vetro
  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec Pesaro

SICAM is a must for professional in the furniture industry, the italian showcase par excellence, a breeding ground for ideas and new solution, an event to inspire creative artists and designers.

  • Stampa digitale su vetro, Vetrotec, azienda lavorazioni su vetro B2B
  • Vetro decorato e serigrafato, Vetrotec, azienda lavorazione vetro B2B

VETROTEC introduced a great Revolution, Digital Printing:
– ceramic ink technology
– exacchrome mode for maximum colour performance
– print quality up to 1440 DPI
Compared to traditional digital printing, ceramic inks are fixed on the glass surface at a temperature of 700°C, making the decoration practically permanent and unscratchable.

  • Vetro serigrafato e verniciato, Vetrotec, fabbrica lavorazioni in vetro
  • Vetro decorato, produzione Vetrotec, l'arte della lavorazione del vetro

VETROTEC is the meeting point between the leading European designers and the most important manufacturers of laminated ceramics.
Paired with glass or special supports, we work every day ceramics with a multitude of decorations such as marble effects, natural stones, metal or materic textures.

  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec fabbrica lavorazione del vetro
  • Complementi d'arredo in vetro, Vetrotec Montecchio, Pesaro

Only the experience and the use of proprietary technologies allow us to continuously present new solutions for bended or bonded glass tables, mirrors and furnishing accessories. Our constant evolution allows us to combine our glass with elements in other materials such as wood, leather, metal or any material our customers require ourselves.

  • Sicam fiera per complementi d'arredo, Vetrotec azienda lavorazione vetro
  • Lavandini in vetro curvato, produzione vetro Vetrotec

Bent glass sinks are a symbol of VETROTEC production for more than 20 years.
Forms always design oriented, more stylish decorations, we never become tired searching for something new to impress our customers.