Thanks to its very high competence in thermoforming processes, the company boasts a vast portfolio of products of every shape and complexity. Extensive experience that, combined with professional and enthusiastic staff, allows each designer to realise his or her project with the maximum safety.


A commitment that shines through in each specialisation acquired: from fusion to curvature, from sandblasting to decoration, from painting to hardening.



Specialist in the processing of flat glass, Vetrotec is at the centre of a new corporate philosophy that seeks to overcome the limits of classic production in the sector, evolving into a network of companies that are entirely dedicated to the art of glass and more.


What do we produce?

Coffee Tables

An innovative and sought after style for coffee tables in glass skilfully worked to achieve their particular form.


Designer mirrors with a strong aesthetic impact, with mirrored surfaces and curved silhouette frames, designed to create fascinating plays of light.

Office Desks

Elegant desks with unique and refined design in finely curved crystal.

Glass Doors

Sliding doors, external walls and hidden sliding doors, with modern and elegant design.


Shelves made of tempered, curved or bonded glass, studied to better organise spaces.


Curved washbasins inspired by the harmony of water drops that seem to have carved and moulded them.


Vetrotec also produces glass and / or laminated ceramic floors.


Consoles in transparent curved glass, the sinuous look and luminous aesthetics make them exclusive and original décor elements.

Furnishing complements

The transparency of glass combined with the elegance of steel, the warmth of wood and the resistance of ceramics, enclose beauty and functionality in a line of unique furnishing complements. [...]

Shower cubicles

The Walk In model of open shower cubicles, with its minimal but sophisticated style represents the best choice in terms of design and modernity.

Vetrotec offre l’esperienza e la competenza del suo staff tecnico.L’azienda con anni di esperienza nel settore, mette al primo posto la soddisfazione del cliente […]
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Vetrotec ,realizza prodotti esclusivi, eleganti ma soprattutto di ottima qualità e durata nel tempo. Disponibili e professionali. […]
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